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Google ads changes 2023

Biggest Google Ads Changes of 2023

Biggest Google Ads Changes in 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

Google Ads remains a pivotal platform for marketers and businesses alike. As we progress through and almost end 2023, significant changes and updates have been introduced, reshaping how we approach online advertising. Let’s delve into the most notable Google Ads changes from the beginning of the year to now, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

    1. Sunset of Google Optimise & Google Analytics
      Google has decided to discontinue Google Optimise and Google Analytics, pushing users towards newer platforms for analytics and website optimisation.
    2. PMax Experiments Rollout
      Performance Max (PMax) campaigns now feature experimental capabilities, allowing marketers to test and optimise their advertising strategies more effectively.
    3. Shopping Ads and PMax for Hotels
      Google Ads has expanded its Shopping Ads to include hotels, and Performance Max campaigns are now available for the hotel industry, offering targeted advertising solutions.
    4. High-Value Optimisation in PMax for New Customer Acquisition
      Focusing on acquiring new customers, PMax now includes High-Value Optimisation, enhancing the targeting of potential high-value customers.
    5. Content Targeting Restrictions in Video Campaigns
      Restrictions have been introduced in video campaigns, where content targeting is no longer an option, compelling advertisers to adapt their targeting strategies.
    6. Campaign-Level Brand Exclusions & Asset Reporting in PMax
      Performance Max campaigns now allow for campaign-level brand exclusions and provide detailed asset reporting, offering greater control and insights.
    7. Automatically Created Assets
      Google Ads has introduced automatically created assets, streamlining the ad creation process and potentially increasing ad performance.
    8. Changes in Search Interest Targeting
      The targeting based on search interest and presence or interest exclusions has been removed, signalling a significant shift in audience targeting methods.
    9. New Google Ads Design and Menu
      Users have witnessed a revamped design and menu layout in Google Ads, enhancing user experience and interface navigation.
    10. Expanded Local Service Ads
      Local Service Ads have been expanded to new countries and businesses, broadening the reach for local advertisers.
    11. New Ad Features: Site Names, Sponsored Labels, and Favicons
      Google Ads has rolled out new features like site names, sponsored labels, and favicons, offering more options for ad customisation.
    12. YouTube Overlay Ads Discontinued
      Overlay ads on YouTube have been discontinued, marking the end of a specific ad format on the platform.
    13. Changes in GA4 Conversion Tracking
      Google Analytics 4 (GA4) now focuses on full cross-channel conversions, moving away from non-direct click import, which impacts how conversions are tracked and attributed
    14. Mixed Formats in YouTube Ads
      YouTube ads have introduced mixed formats, providing advertisers with more creative options for their video campaigns.
    15. Launch of Ads Transparency Centre
      Google’s Ads Transparency Centre aims to provide more insights and transparency into ad operations, enhancing trust and understanding among users.
    16. Picture Ads in Gmail
      Advertisers can now include pictures in Gmail ads, offering a more visually engaging way to connect with email users.
    17. Attribution Model Changes
      First click, linear, time decay, and position-based attribution models have been removed, prompting a reevaluation of how ad performances are measured.
    18. Vehicle Ads Out of Beta
      Vehicle ads are now widely available in PMax campaigns, opening new opportunities for automotive industry advertising.
    19. Expanding Shorts in Video Reach Campaigns
      Google is incorporating Shorts into Video Reach campaigns and adding In-feed video ads, reflecting the growing importance of short-form content.
    20. Discontinuation of Similar Audiences
      Similar audiences feature has been discontinued, requiring advertisers to explore alternative targeting options.
    21. Funnel Reports in GA4
      Google Analytics 4 now includes funnel reports, providing deeper insights into the customer journey and helping advertisers understand the effectiveness of their marketing funnels.
    22. Business Name and Logo Updates
      Advertisers can now display their business name and logo more prominently, enhancing brand visibility and recognition in ads.
    23. Generative Search Experience and Ads
      Google has launched a generative search experience that includes ad displays, blending organic and paid search results in new, innovative ways.
    24. New Dimensions for Audience Builder
      Audience Builder in Google Ads has been upgraded with new dimensions, allowing for more refined and targeted audience segmentation.
    25. New Measurement Parameters for iOS
      The introduction of the new ‘Gbraid’ parameter for iOS and a new ‘gad’ parameter enhances measurement capabilities for iOS users.
    26. Changes to Trusted Store Badge
      The Trusted Store Badge has been replaced with the Top Quality Store Badge, reshaping how online retailers are recognised and trusted by consumers.
    27. Discontinuation of Custom Video Campaigns
      Custom video campaigns have been phased out, encouraging advertisers to explore other video ad formats within Google Ads.
    28. Launch of New Campaign Type: Demand Generation
      The new ‘demand generation’ campaign type is now live, offering a fresh approach to generating consumer interest and demand for products and services.
    29. Introduction of Lookalike Audiences
      Google Ads has introduced lookalike audiences, allowing advertisers to reach new users who resemble their existing customers.
    30. Merchant Centre Next Replaces Old Platform
      Merchant Centre Next is set to replace the existing Merchant Centre, promising a more streamlined and efficient experience for managing shopping feeds.
    31. PMax Brand Exclusions
      Performance Max campaigns now offer the option to exclude certain brands, giving advertisers more control over where their ads appear.
    32. Broad Match Setting Toggle
      Advertisers can now toggle the broad match setting on or off, providing more flexibility in how keywords are matched to search queries.
    33. 15 Headlines in PMax
      Performance Max campaigns have expanded to allow up to 15 headlines, offering more creative space for advertisers to convey their message.
    34. Audience Builder Goes Live in Ads
      The Audience Builder tool is now live in Google Ads, enhancing the ability to create custom audiences based on various criteria.
    35. Multiple Pictures in One Ad
      Google Ads now supports multiple pictures in a single ad, enabling more dynamic and visually appealing ad creatives.
    36. Recommendation to Upgrade DSA to PMax
      Google is recommending advertisers to upgrade their Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to Performance Max campaigns for improved performance.
    37. AR Ads for Clothing and Beauty
      Augmented Reality (AR) Ads for clothing and beauty products are now available, offering an interactive and immersive experience for users.
    38. Store Sales Reporting in Performance Max Campaigns
      Performance Max campaigns now include store sales reporting and bidding, providing better insights into offline sales impact.
    39. Conversion Credit for Web Conversions
      Google Ads has introduced conversion credit for web conversions, allowing for more accurate attribution and understanding of conversion paths.
    40. Use of Google Business Profile Pictures in Local Ads
      Pictures from Google Business Profiles may now be utilised in local ads, enhancing the relevance and attractiveness of these advertisements.
    41. Farewell to Buy on Google
      The Buy on Google feature has been discontinued, marking a shift in Google’s e-commerce strategy.
    42. New Checkout Pilot
      A new checkout pilot is being tested, potentially revolutionising how transactions are processed within the Google ecosystem.
    43. Smart Shopping Campaigns Phased Out
      Smart Shopping campaigns have been phased out, with Google pushing advertisers towards more integrated and advanced campaign types.
    44. Search Themes Live in PMax
      Search Themes have gone live and been extended in Performance Max campaigns, offering a new way to align ad content with search context.
    45. Personal Data Transfer from EU to US
      There’s now a provision for personal data to flow safely from the European Union to the United States, impacting how international campaigns are managed.
    46. Automated Customer Match Lists
      Google Ads has introduced automated creation of customer match lists, simplifying the process of targeting existing customers.
    47. Enhanced Conversion Setup for Offline Imports
      Enhancements in conversion setup now facilitate the import of offline conversion data into Google Ads, bridging the gap between online and offline interactions.
    48. Account-Level Enhanced Conversions
      Enhanced conversions can now be set at the account level, streamlining the setup process and ensuring consistency across campaigns.
    49. Optimised Targeting Replaces Similar Audiences
      Optimised targeting has replaced the similar audiences feature, offering a more sophisticated approach to reaching potential customers.
    50. Exclude URLs in PMax
      Performance Max campaigns now allow advertisers to exclude specific URLs, providing more control over ad placements.

    And many more updates continue to shape the Google Ads landscape, reflecting Google’s commitment to innovation and its impact on digital advertising strategies. These changes not only enhance the capabilities of advertisers but also demand continuous learning and adaptation to stay competitive in the digital marketing arena.

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