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It’s exciting that you’re looking for a Local SEO agency in Brisbane to be part of your growth journey. We at Peke want you to know that SEO can truly be a powerful tool for success, but if not don’t well, it can be a massive money sink. That’s why it’s important that you trust the SEO agency you’re working with.

Our Local SEO consultants goal is to assist you in crafting an impeccable online presence through cutting edge strategies, beautiful design and amazing service. 

We’re dedicated to aiding clients in achieving meaningful growth online and building worthwhile, scalable digital assets that last and convert.

Our SEO marketing is designed to amplify the potential of your business, provide a solution to unlock the scalability of your business and help you build an intellectual property asset that these days account for more than 85% of your business sale value.

Please feel free to reach out and one of Peke’s SEO specialists in Brisbane and we can have a conversation with you to discuss your specific needs. 

If you have any questions or need further clarification about our Brisbane Search Engine Marketing, just get in touch.

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So, Local SEO... What's all the fuss about?

Local SEO, or Local Search Engine Optimisation, is a strategic process aimed at enhancing a your website’s visibility in locally-based search results. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or a service provider serving a local area, local SEO is important to focus on if you’re looking for long long term growth and exceptional ROI digitally. Here are the top benefits of investing in a Local SEO Strategy.

SEO agency brisbane

Increased Local Visibility An SEO agency Brisbane amplifies a your brands visibility, ensuring you don't just appear online but dominate your niche. Through our Brisbane digital marketing expertise, we make businesses not only seen but remembered. And the only way we can do that is by staying at the cutting edge of Local SEO strategy in Brisbane.

SEO Experts Brisbane

Higher Conversion Rates Effective SEO isn't just about drawing visitors but converting them into loyal customers. The right strategies, infused with understanding Brisbane search engine marketing intricacies, can transform casual browsers into engaged customers. With Peke Media, SEO Agency Brisbane every click holds the potential for conversion because we understand Local SEO and what it takes to succeed.

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Builds Trust & Credibility Trust remains the cornerstone of online engagements. SEO agency Brisbane businesses turn to, like Peke, ensure this trust isn't just established but consistently nurtured. Our bespoke SEO expert Brisbane-driven tactics are not only about rankings but building a credible online reputation. That will be the foundation of your success.

An SEO Agency Brisbane could be the foundation
of your long term success story

When you combine cutting edge web development with stunning design 
what emerges is an end product that is built with purpose and most importantly converts. 

Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane,
watch your business grow

Our SEO Specialists stay on the cutting edge of change & innovation

Brisbane is home to some amazing businesses. With that comes an environment that is extremely competitive. The question is, what are you doing to get on top and stay there? From local SEO to search engine marketing Brisbane, to social media, there is one way to guarantee your business will get to the top and thats by getting to the top of Google Search.

However it’s not that simple. SEO Brisbane has changed, and it’s more important then ever to innovate, and use cutting edge technology so you can out perform your competition.

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Never fall behind, remain at your Peke

For nearly a decade, we’ve navigated the dynamic SEO landscape. It’s not merely about years, but the myriad of experiences and triumphs we’ve gathered. Like Brisbane’s landmarks, our milestones reflect our dedication to local SEO Brisbane. Our seasoned team, sharpened by evolving trends, offers invaluable industry insight. Throughout this journey, our SEO consultants have been more than observers; they’ve been pioneers, guiding businesses in Australia with SEO marketing and believe us, our story is still unfolding.

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Local SEO creates community buzz around your services

If want to be found locally, you must gain online visibility, provide an irresistible offer and the buzz will come naturally.
A growing number of individuals are using search engines, particularly on their smartphones, to discover local enterprises. Geo-targeted search marketing propels your business to the forefront in your area, effectively announcing, “I’m here and you need this!” 
This strategy attracts genuine customers to your business.

What's it look like doing Local SEO
with Peke?

We’ll craft a keyword strategy tailored to your location, services, and business objectives. SEO keywords can be as simple as single terms or as intricate as longer phrases. Their primary purpose is to guide web content to boost relevant organic search traffic. Search engines aim to present users with the most pertinent information, formatted optimally, quickly, and accessibly.

Your customers utilise these keywords when they’re looking for something associated with your brand. When these keywords are thoroughly analysed and optimised, they serve as a bridge, linking your potential audience to your website.Put simply? Keywords are insightful indicators.

Their significance in SEO also reflects their value beyond it. Keywords offer insights into a person’s identity and desires, helping us cater to their requirements more effectively. These valuable terms can guide marketers and businesses in directing their content more precisely.

In essence, focusing on the right keywords can shift you from a few daily clicks to thousands.

seo agency in brisbane

Our 4 ingredients to a Local SEO strategy

What is Technical SEO?
Every Brisbane business owner should be familiar with the term SEO, but digging deeper reveals categories like Technical SEO. It’s the foundation of your site. This aspect is about enhancing the backend structure, ensuring that search engines, like Google, can effectively crawl and index your

Why Brisbane Businesses Need Technical SEO
Imagine your website as Brisbane’s finest skyscraper. The foundation, the nuts and bolts, ensure it stands tall. Similarly, Technical SEO sets the base for your site. For any business aiming for a strong online presence in Brisbane, an error-free, swift, and mobile-optimised site is imperative.

In Conclusion
If you’re aspiring to climb the SEO Brisbane rankings, your site’s technical backbone should be rock solid.
Connect with an SEO specialist at Peke Media, and ensure your Brisbane business’s website stands robust against competitors in this super competitive city we call home!

Introduction to On-Page SEO
While many are familiar with SEO Brisbane strategies, it’s essential to understand its subsets, like On-Page SEO. This element focuses on optimizing individual web pages, both content and HTML source code, to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic.

Why On-Page SEO is Crucial for Brisbane Sites
Every page of your website tells a story to your Brisbane audience. From the title tags to the meta descriptions, each detail counts. A reliable SEO specialist will tell you that relevant keywords, proper headings, and quality content can significantly impact your site’s performance.

To Sum Up
For businesses targeting the Brisbane market, On-Page SEO is a game-changer.
By optimising each webpage, you’re ensuring that every visit provides value, boosting your chances of conversions.

Decoding Off-Page SEO
Stepping outside the direct boundaries of your website leads us to Off-Page SEO. Especially vital for businesses in competitive markets like Brisbane, Off-Page efforts, like earning backlinks from authoritative sites, can substantially boost your site’s credibility.

The Significance of Off-Page Strategies in Brisbane
In the bustling Brisbane market, how does one stand out? An Off-Page SEO strategy can be the answer. By building connections with reputable platforms and getting quality backlinks, you increase your Brisbane brand’s online reputation.

In Summary
For a business aiming to be an industry leader in Brisbane, Off-Page SEO is the road to establishing online authority.
Connect with a Brisbane SEO specialist at Peke to guide your brand to new heights.

The Role of Content in SEO
While navigating the Brisbane digital scene, it’s evident that content remains king. Engaging, informative, and well-optimized content can significantly elevate any SEO Brisbane campaign.

Why Quality Content Matters for Brisbane Businesses
In a city as vibrant as Brisbane, your content should resonate with your audience. An SEO specialist will highlight that it’s not just about keyword-stuffed articles. It’s about crafting stories, answering questions, and providing value to Brisbane’s online community.

For those diving into Brisbane’s digital waters, content is your anchor. It builds bridges, connects businesses to audiences, and fosters long-term loyalty.

Search Engine Optimisation Pricing

Below are the prices for our SEO packages, suitable for businesses looking for meaningful growth. One size does not fit all though. Your industry, goals, and budget will dictate the type of package that’s right for you. 


SEO for local & non competitive industries
$ 387 Weekly Excluding GST
  • Month to month
  • Link Building
  • Content Delivered Monthly


SEO for competitive industries ​
$ 687 Weekly Excluding GST
  • Standard Website Speed Optimisation
  • Advanced Link Building
  • Content Delivered Fortnightly


Advanced SEO for highly competitive industries
$ 1247 Weekly Excluding GST
  • Advanced Website Speed Optimisation
  • Ultra High DR Link Building
  • Pillar Pages Built
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