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Your Google ads budget is probably being wasted.

Here's how to fix it

Time and time again, we see accounts that may have been setup satisfactorily but that’s where it ends. 

The success of Google Adwords Management begins with the right keywords and is made successful with the right optimisations. If you’re targeting the Brisbane market, it’s essential to understand the local search trends and preferences. By partnering with a Google Ads management agency, you can tap into their expertise to refine your keyword list. Remember, it’s not just about quantity but more about quality.
A Peke Google Ads expert in Brisbane can help you identify high-converting keywords that resonate with your target audience but most importantly, track them to see whats working and whats not working. 

Key Takeaway: Don’t just set and forget your keywords. Regularly review and optimise them to ensure you’re capturing the most relevant traffic.

Why waste budget on ads that don’t work?

Allocating your budget effectively is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign. By working with a PPC agency in Brisbane, you can ensure that your budget is directed towards high-performing ads. Peke Media has the tools and to analyse campaign performance and suggest reallocations that can boost ROI. For instance, if Adwords management Brisbane is yielding better results than other keywords, it might be wise to invest more in that area.

Key Takeaway: Regularly review your budget allocation with the help of a PPC Management Brisbane expert to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Once a user clicks on your ad, the journey isn’t over. The landing page plays a pivotal role in converting that click into a customer. Collaborate with an adwords agency in Brisbane to ensure your landing pages are optimised for conversions. This includes fast load times, clear call-to-actions, and relevant content that matches the ad’s promise.

Key Takeaway: A well-optimised landing page can significantly boost your conversion rates. 
Seek advice from a Google Ads expert to enhance your landing pages.

Your Google Ads strategy needs to evolve with the times. Partner with an advanced Google Ads management agency in Brisbane like Peke to continuously test and refine your campaigns based on cutting edge techniques. This includes A/B testing of ad copies, exploring new keyword opportunities, tweaking campaign settings, and utilising Ai driven techniques. 

By adopting a culture of continuous improvement, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximise your campaign’s success. The journey doesn’t end once your campaign is live. That’s where it starts, its a constant pursuit for the best possible ROI.
Having a team that will pay attention to the smallest details and hone in on the right keywords will make you PPC Management in Brisbane great.

What is Google Ads & how does it work?

Internet users are now empowered with a vast universe of data, all thanks to Google’s intricate search algorithm. Whether you’re curious about why dogs munch on grass or seeking remedies to halt hiccups, Google provides answers in mere moments. With its unparalleled reach, Google stands as the globe’s most frequented website, handling over 1.2 trillion searches annually. Such is its dominance that it shapes nearly every choice we make. For instance, it’s a known fact that a majority of purchases commence with a Google search.

Position your business amidst this massive search traffic. It empowers you to craft and disseminate ads meticulously designed to resonate with your desired audience. These ads gain prime visibility at the pinnacle of Google’s search results when individuals hunt for the commodities or solutions your enterprise provides. The beauty of it? You’re only billed when individuals tap on your ad, leading them to your website or prompting them to dial your contact.

While organic search outcomes emerge due to their pertinence to search queries, ascending these ranks organically might be a prolonged journey for budding businesses. This delay translates to lost potential sales. Google Ad initiatives offer a shortcut, propelling you to the forefront with paid search outcomes. It’s a dynamic tool, apt for diverse promotional tactics, be it for seasonal items, niche-specific campaigns, or granting instant digital visibility to fresh ventures.


  1. Google Search Network – Predominantly in text, these ads manifest on Google’s result pages when your designated keywords are searched.
  2. Google Display Network – Typically visual, these ads emerge on web platforms or applications frequented by your clientele.
  3. Google Video Ads – Often spanning 6 or 15 seconds, these ads play prior to or amidst YouTube content.
  4. Performance Max – A newer addition to Google Ads, Performance Max utilises machine learning to optimise campaigns across all Google’s inventory, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Discover. It’s designed to maximise conversion value and reach audiences more effectively.

The expenditure per click in a Google Ad endeavour hinges on the bids placed on pivotal search phrases. While budgeting is pivotal, the highest bidder doesn’t always clinch the premier ad slot. Google evaluates the utility of your ad to the searcher, the congruence of your landing page, keywords, and ads, coupled with the user experience your site offers to ascertain your Quality Score. A stellar score can tilt the odds in your favour, potentially securing the top spot even if your bid trails a competitor’s.

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Google ads agency Brisbane.
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Digital Marketing in Brisbane has changed. So this means strategies need to change too. Peke ensure we are at the cutting edge of advancements.

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Grow your business with targeted Google advertising campaigns

Being a performance & outcome-based digital marketing agency guarantees that our initiatives are always results-oriented, ensuring that each dollar spent is accountable and maximises returns. 

In a digital landscape saturated with various strategies, it’s imperative to zero in on actions that yield tangible growth and provide demonstrable value to our clients.

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Is PPC right for your business?

While many might overlook Google Advertising as a viable strategy for the construction sector, it’s this very reason that makes it a golden opportunity. A less saturated ad space means being proactive can yield significant rewards. Although the construction field is fiercely competitive, its engagement with PPC remains surprisingly subdued. This presents a prime chance for construction firms to step up and carve a niche for themselves.

Regardless of your target audience, be it B2B or B2C, gaining visibility through social media or securing a top spot in Google search results can have long-term benefits. It’s essential for your brand to be the first thought when individuals consider services in your sector.

At Peke, we’re eager to guide you in harnessing the power of PPC for your brand. We prioritise understanding the unique aspects of your business before suggesting any strategies, ensuring our recommendations align perfectly with your brand’s ethos.

Not all clicks are created equal. At Peke Media, we believe that the key to successful conversions lies in targeting the right kind of clicks. While many chase sheer volume, we prioritise high-intent based clicks, ensuring that your traffic is not just abundant, but also genuinely engaged and primed for conversion.

Dive into the world of Google Ads in Brisbane by leveraging the capabilities of Google Shopping for your eCommerce ventures. With its intuitive product listing and efficient click-through dynamics, Google Shopping is revolutionising the online shopping landscape. Strategically showcase your products for heightened visibility and directly guide potential customers to your store for swift checkouts. From niche products to mainstream offerings, Google Shopping is your platform for designing persuasive ad campaigns.

Performance Max, a cutting-edge solution by Google, offers unparalleled reach and precision. With its advanced targeting capabilities, it’s an indispensable tool for any brand striving for dominance in the Brisbane market. Google Ads Management in Brisbane ensures that your ads not only enhance your brand’s visibility but also bolster brand recognition. While the primary objective remains sales acceleration, these ads also solidify your brand’s stature, making it a go-to choice for potential customers.

With Peke Media, it’s not just about Google Ads Management; it’s about PPC management precision. We ensure every click is a potential conversion waiting to unfold, making the most of your Google Ads Management Brisbane campaigns.

Elevate your patient appointments and draw more visitors to your facility with precision-targeted advertising. From dental care to speech therapy, we’ve empowered our clients to extend their services to a broader community.

Remarketing stands as a potent tool in ensuring engagement continuity. If potential patients have browsed your site but got sidetracked before booking, remarketing ads serve as gentle reminders. These ads resurface on their social media feeds and other websites they visit, showcasing your services if they’ve previously explored your site.

Additionally, Google Ads offers a prime avenue to enhance your healthcare service’s visibility. Imagine you’re an optometrist, and someone’s searching for an eye examination; naturally, you’d want your clinic to be a top search result. Efficient Google Ad management ensures you’re prominently positioned when it matters most.

In the rapidly evolving software industry, standing out in the digital realm is paramount. With Google Ads, software companies can strategically position themselves at the forefront of potential clients’ searches. Whether you’re offering enterprise solutions, SaaS platforms, or niche software tools, Google Ads ensures you’re not just visible, but prominently so.

Keyword optimization is crucial in this sector. When a business is in search of a specific software solution or a developer needs a particular tool, your ad can be the first they see, provided it’s finely tuned to their search intent. With the right keywords and ad strategies, you can target decision-makers, tech enthusiasts, and businesses precisely when they’re seeking software solutions.

Moreover, leveraging Google Ads’ remarketing capabilities can be a game-changer for software businesses. If a potential client has previously visited your site but didn’t convert, remarketing ads can re-engage them, reminding them of the solutions you offer.

In the competitive software landscape, Google Ads management is your ally, ensuring your solutions are top-of-mind when businesses and individuals are on the hunt for software innovations.

Navigating the realm of professional services can be challenging when trying to get your brand noticed.

Regardless of whether you cater to B2B or B2C audiences, two platforms stand out as essential for your marketing strategy: 

Microsoft Ads and Google Ads.

LinkedIn serves as an excellent platform to showcase your business’s unique approach. At Peke, we believe that customers are not just interested in what you offer, but more importantly, in how you deliver it. LinkedIn provides a window into your company’s ethos, setting you apart from the competition. Furthermore, its advertising capabilities allow you to target specific demographics, ensuring your content reaches influential decision-makers and potential clients.

On the other hand, leveraging Google Ads can significantly accelerate your business growth. As the world’s leading search engine, countless individuals search for services in your domain every day. By utilising Google Ads, you can position your business at the forefront, appearing as the go-to solution for potential clients.

At Peke, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of pay-per-click (PPC) for professional services. We’re here to address your queries and drive the traffic essential for your business’s success.

Knowledge, is powerful marketing

Read our blogs, we promise you’ll learn something!

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Why Peke get better results than any other Brisbane Google ads agency

Peke Media doesn’t just rely on traditional methods.  It’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where AI comes into play. 

By harnessing the power of AI, the best Google Ads agency in Brisbane can:

Predict Consumer Behavior: AI algorithms analyse vast amounts of data to predict future trends and consumer behaviors. This allows businesses to tailor their ads to what their audience truly wants, ensuring higher engagement rates.

Optimise Ad Spend: AI can automatically adjust bids in real-time, ensuring that you get the most out of every dollar spent. No more overspending on ads that don’t convert!

Enhance Personalisation:
With AI, ads can be personalised to an unprecedented degree. From dynamic ad content to targeted landing pages, AI ensures that every user feels like the ad was made just for them.

Google ads vs social media

Digital marketing specialists often focus on one platform, overlooking the transformative potential of integrating strategies across platforms. Specifically, Google and Meta (previously Facebook) should not be viewed in isolation but as interconnected components of a comprehensive digital marketing approach. Here’s why:

Meta’s Influence on Brand Search:
A surge in Meta activity or ad spend often leads to a rise in brand-specific Google searches.

  • A 10% hike in social media ad spend results in about a 7% increase in brand search traffic.
  • Campaigns on Meta can boost brand search traffic by approximately 25%.
  • 1,000 social media engagements relate to a 3.5% rise in brand search.
  • Videos with 1M views on Meta can elevate brand search by around 15%.

Google’s Precision in Remarketing:
Google provides Meta with audiences who’ve used high-intent keywords related to your offerings. This makes remarketing on Meta exceptionally targeted.

Enhancing Touchpoints in the Buying Journey:
Consumers’ buying paths are multifaceted. While a Google search might initiate their journey, multiple touchpoints shape their final choice. By consistently appearing through tailored ads on platforms like Meta, you enhance the chances of guiding them to purchase.

Shared Insights for Continuous Refinement:
Sharing feedback between Google and Meta allows for strategy optimization. If an ad copy is successful on Meta, consider adapting it for Google.

Harnessing Google Search Trends for Meta:
Google’s search trends offer insights into current audience interests. Incorporating these insights into Meta ads can produce more captivating campaigns.

The stuff that's important in
PPC advertising

Thriving businesses go beyond offering top-notch products or services. They harness the power of stellar Google Ads  campaigns. With approximately 83% of Australians actively online and nearly two-thirds indulging in online shopping, the digital market is teeming with opportunities. But the question remains – how do you captivate this vast audience and steer them towards your website? It can be done through effective Peke PPC Management Brisbane. 


1. Which specific keywords did the shopper input?
2. How does your campaign resonate with these keywords?
3. Upon landing on your site, how do users interact?

Enter Google Ads, a potent tool in the digital marketing arsenal. It strategically places your business in the limelight, right when potential customers are on the cusp of a purchase. While traditional mediums like print, TV, and radio scatter your message broadly, Google Ads ensures precision, connecting with your audience when it’s most relevant.

The beauty of PPC advertising, such as PPC Management Brisbane strategies, is its evolutionary nature. As you gather data, you refine, ensuring your ads are increasingly aligned with customer desires. Even non-converting clicks offer insights. Google Remarketing further amplifies your reach, re-engaging visitors who browsed but didn’t commit. These ads subtly remind them of your brand as they traverse the web, nudging them back to you.

For E-Commerce ventures, Google Ads unveils another ace: Google Shopping Ads. By integrating with Google Merchant Centre, online retailers can showcase their products directly in search outcomes. These listings, adorned with vivid images and pricing, cater to those already seeking your product range. Given their visual allure and prime positioning, they’re click magnets.

Keen to amplify your online presence with Google search ads?

Schedule a strategy consultation with the Google Ads Brisbane experts at Peke Media. Discover how a tailored Google Adwords management Brisbane campaign could be the transformative move your business needs.

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Google Ads FAQ's

Google display advertising refers to the use of visual ads, like banners or videos, that appear on various website such as That’s Google’s Display Network. This method allows businesses to extend their reach beyond just Google search results, engaging users as they browse online, watch YouTube videos, or use apps. It’s especially useful for retargeting campaigns. 

The cost of Google Ads in Brisbane and the rest of Australia fluctuates based on factors such as keyword competition, ad quality, and landing page relevance. Different keywords have different costs depending on these factors. For example if your an emergency plumber, you can expect to pay more for a conversion compared to a business with less competition. It’s best to establish a budget and monitor the performance of your Google ads over time.

For Google ads management in Brisbane, costs can differ. Freelancers might charge between AUD $60 to $150 per hour, while Brisbane-based agencies might have fees ranging from AUD $700 to $5,000 per month, depending on the services offered. It’s super important to remember that not all strategies are created equal, and to make sure you partner with an agency that you trust and has a good track record of achieving good results.

If you were confused on the difference, there is none…

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, enabling businesses to place bids on specific keywords to display their ads within Google’s search outcomes. With Google Ads, you incur a cost only when an individual clicks on your advertisement to either explore your website or contact your enterprise. So Google ads and PPC are the same.

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, enabling businesses to place bids on specific keywords to display their ads within Google’s search outcomes. With Google Ads, you incur a cost only when an individual clicks on your advertisement to either explore your website or contact your enterprise.

Google ads agencies in Brisbane specialise in creating, managing, and optimising Google Ads campaigns for local businesses. Their responsibilities include keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and analysing performance, with the overarching goal of improving visibility on Google and maximising advertising ROI.

As an advanced Google ads Agency in Brisbane. We care about all metrics, but here are the ones that matter most: 

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The ratio of users who click your ad after viewing it.
  • Quality Score: A rating from Google based on keyword relevance, ad copy quality, and landing page suitability.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): The average price paid for each ad click.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of users who perform a desired action post-ad click.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The revenue generated for every dollar invested in advertising.


Most importantly: Your Profit.

Yes, PPC Management Brisbane services can be highly effective when executed correctly. It provides Brisbane businesses a chance to gain prime visibility in search results, targeting specific keywords and demographics. With the right strategy and continuous optimisation, businesses can achieve substantial ROI. Success typically demands ongoing monitoring and data-driven adjustments.

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