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Microsoft ads aren't for every busisness, but they are for some.
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Are Microsoft ads right for your business?

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construction businesses are discovering a valuable ally in Microsoft Ads management. While Google Ads is akin to a bustling metropolis, brimming with competition, Microsoft Ads offers a more serene suburb-like environment. This distinction is crucial for construction companies. With less competition on Microsoft Ads, your advertisement has the opportunity to stand out, making a more significant impact and at a lower CPC.

The audience on Microsoft Ads is particularly relevant for the construction industry. Microsoft (Bing) ads typically has an older demographic. These users are often in a stage of life where home improvements or larger construction projects are top of mind, aligning perfectly with the services offered by construction companies.

Localising your approach, especially in areas like Brisbane, can amplify this effect. By engaging a Microsoft Ads agency with local expertise, construction businesses can position their advertisements precisely where they need to be seen. This targeted approach ensures that your ads reach the right audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting genuine leads.

Not all clicks are created equal. At Peke Media, I understand that the secret to successful conversions is targeting the right kind of clicks. While many focus on sheer volume, my priority is on high-intent clicks, ensuring that your traffic is not just plentiful, but genuinely interested and ready for conversion.

Explore the world of Microsoft Ads in Brisbane by utilising the capabilities of Bing Shopping for your eCommerce ventures. With its user-friendly product listings and effective click-through dynamics, Bing Shopping is transforming the online shopping experience. Strategically display your products for enhanced visibility and directly lead potential customers to your store for quick purchases. From niche items to popular products, Bing Shopping is your gateway to creating compelling ad campaigns.

Performance Max, a sophisticated solution by Microsoft, delivers unmatched reach and accuracy. Its advanced targeting capabilities make it an essential tool for any brand aiming to excel in the Brisbane market. Microsoft Ads Management in Brisbane ensures that your ads not only increase your brand’s visibility but also strengthen brand recognition. While accelerating sales is the main goal, these ads also reinforce your brand’s reputation, positioning it as a top choice for potential customers.

With Peke Media, it’s not just about managing Microsoft Ads; it’s about precision in PPC management. I ensure every click has the potential to become a conversion, maximizing the effectiveness of your Microsoft Ads Management Brisbane campaigns.


Boost your patient appointments and attract more visitors to your healthcare facility with precision-targeted advertising through Bing. Whether offering dental care, speech therapy, or other medical services, I’ve helped my clients expand their reach to a wider community using Bing advertising.

Remarketing is a powerful strategy for maintaining patient engagement. If potential patients have visited your site but were distracted before making an appointment, Bing remarketing ads act as subtle prompts. These ads reappear on their social media feeds and other websites they frequent, highlighting your services if they’ve previously shown interest in your site.

Moreover, Microsoft Ads provide an excellent way to increase the visibility of your healthcare services. For example, if you’re an optometrist and someone is searching for an eye examination on Bing, you’ll want your clinic to appear as a top search result. Effective management of Microsoft Ads ensures your clinic is prominently featured at the most critical moments.

Remarketing stands as a potent tool in ensuring engagement continuity. If potential patients have browsed your site but got sidetracked before booking, remarketing ads serve as gentle reminders. These ads resurface on their social media feeds and other websites they visit, showcasing your services if they’ve previously explored your site.

Additionally, Google Ads offers a prime avenue to enhance your healthcare service’s visibility. Imagine you’re an optometrist, and someone’s searching for an eye examination; naturally, you’d want your clinic to be a top search result. Efficient Google Ad management ensures you’re prominently positioned when it matters most.

In the dynamic and evolving software industry, achieving prominence in the digital world is crucial. With Microsoft Ads, software companies can strategically position themselves at the forefront of potential clients’ searches on Bing. Whether offering enterprise solutions, SaaS platforms, or specialized software tools, Microsoft Ads ensure that your offerings are not just visible but stand out prominently.

Keyword optimization is vital in this sector. When a business is searching for a specific software solution or a developer is in need of a particular tool, your ad could be the first they encounter, provided it’s precisely tailored to their search intent. Utilising the right keywords and advertising strategies, you can accurately target decision-makers, tech enthusiasts, and businesses at the exact moment they are looking for software solutions.

Additionally, taking advantage of Microsoft Ads’ remarketing capabilities can significantly impact software businesses. If a potential client has visited your site but hasn’t converted, remarketing ads can reengage them, effectively reminding them of the solutions you provide.

In the competitive realm of software, effective management of Microsoft Ads is a strategic ally, ensuring that your solutions remain at the forefront when businesses and individuals are actively seeking innovative software products.

Keyword optimisation is crucial in this sector. When a business is in search of a specific software solution or a developer needs a particular tool, your ad can be the first they see, provided it’s finely tuned to their search intent. With the right keywords and ad strategies, you can target decision-makers, tech enthusiasts, and businesses precisely when they’re seeking software solutions.

Moreover, leveraging Google Ads’ remarketing capabilities can be a game-changer for software businesses. If a potential client has previously visited your site but didn’t convert, remarketing ads can re-engage them, reminding them of the solutions you offer.

In the competitive software landscape, Google Ads management is your ally, ensuring your solutions are top-of-mind when businesses and individuals are on the hunt for software innovations.

Navigating the professional services landscape to make your brand stand out can be a complex task.

Whether your audience is B2B or B2C, two platforms are crucial for your marketing strategy: LinkedIn and Microsoft Ads.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to highlight your business’s unique approach. At Peke, I understand that customers are interested not only in what you offer but also in how you deliver it. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your company’s ethos, differentiating you from competitors. Its advertising capabilities enable precise targeting of specific demographics, ensuring your content reaches key decision-makers and potential clients.

Conversely, utilizing Microsoft Ads can greatly boost your business growth. As a major search engine, Bing sees countless individuals searching for services in your domain daily. By employing Microsoft Ads, you can place your business in a prominent position, appearing as the ideal solution for potential clients.

At Peke, I am committed to guiding you through the complexities of pay-per-click (PPC) for professional services, ready to address your questions and drive the vital traffic for your business’s success.

What is Bing Advertising?

Bing Advertising is an online advertising service provided by Microsoft, where businesses pay to showcase concise ads, services, products, or videos to internet users. This platform allows for ad placement within Bing’s search engine results (Bing Search Network) and across various non-search websites, mobile applications, and video content (Bing Display Network).

Building on the power of Bing ads, businesses can elevate their online presence by opting to advertise on Bing . This platform allows the creation of targeted ads that appear prominently in Bing ads search results when potential customers search for the products or services you offer. The primary benefit here is the cost-effectiveness – you’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad, directing them to your website or contact details. As well as this, Microsoft ads has a significantly cheaper Cost Per Click (CPC) when compared to google. 

While organic search results may take time to achieve high rankings, Bing Ads can swiftly enhance your visibility with paid search placements. This makes it a versatile tool for various advertising approaches, be it for seasonal promotions, focused marketing campaigns, or establishing new business ventures.


Bing Search Network: These are text-based ads that appear in Bing search results, triggered by your chosen keywords.
Bing Display Network: Visual ads displayed on websites or apps frequented by your target demographic.
Bing Video Ads: Short video advertisements featured on Microsoft’s partner video platforms, engaging viewers in multimedia formats.
Microsoft Audience Ads: A feature utilising AI and machine learning to optimise your ads across Microsoft’s network, maximising conversion potential.
Cost-per-click in Bing Ads is influenced by the competitiveness of the keywords you bid on. Budget management is crucial, yet the highest bid doesn’t always ensure top placement. Bing’s ad quality, including relevance and user experience, plays a significant role in ad ranking. Partnering with a Microsoft Ads management agency can be instrumental in maximising your Quality Score, which can lead to prominent ad placements at a more economical cost.

While organic search results take time to rank, Google Ads can quickly elevate your visibility with paid search results. It’s versatile for various advertising strategies, whether for seasonal products, targeted campaigns, or boosting new businesses.


Google Search Network: Text-based ads that show up on Google search results for your chosen keywords.
Google Display Network: Visual ads that appear on websites or apps your target audience uses.
Google Video Ads: Short video ads that play on YouTube content, typically before or during videos.
Performance Max: A new feature using machine learning to optimise ads across Google’s platforms for better conversion value.
Cost-per-click in Google Ads depends on the competitiveness of keywords bid on. Budgeting is important, but the highest bid doesn’t guarantee the top ad position. Google’s Quality Score—which considers ad relevance, landing page quality, and user experience—also influences ad placement. A high Quality Score can help you win top ad positioning at a lower cost.

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Bing ads vs Google ads (CPC)

When comparing Bing Ads and Google Ads for your website, consider their distinct cost dynamics. Google Ads often have a higher Cost-Per-Click (CPC) due to its vast reach and competitive environment, but this can translate into greater exposure and potentially higher ROI. Bing Ads, with a smaller user base, typically offer lower CPCs, which is beneficial for targeting specific demographics cost-effectively. The key is not just to focus on CPC but also on the overall ROI from both platforms. Utilising both Google and Bing in a balanced strategy can maximise your digital advertising success by leveraging the unique advantages of each platform.

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Microsoft ads Management Brisbane.
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Microsoft ads agency

Peke, Microsoft ads agency boosts business growth by targeting specific keywords, connecting you with searchers ready to buy. Its cost-effective pay-per-click model ensures you pay only for results, optimising your ad spend for better returns. Quick to adjust and scalable, Google Ads is ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence swiftly and efficiently.

Google ads vs Bing ads
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Why Peke's Microsoft ads specialists get better results

We at Peke Media leverage cutting-edge AI technology to redefine our role as a premier Microsoft Ads agency in Brisbane. Here’s a look at how AI integration is revolutionising our approach to advertising on Microsoft.

Predictive Analytics for Consumer Insights: Utilising AI’s advanced data analysis, Peke can accurately predict consumer trends and preferences. This enables the creation of Microsoft Ads campaigns that are highly targeted and more likely to engage the intended audience, potentially enhancing user interaction and response rates.

AI-Driven Ad Spend Optimisation: With AI’s capability for real-time bidding adjustments, Peke ensures more efficient budget allocation in Bing Ads. This approach not only maximises return on investment (ROI) but also reduces expenditure on underperforming ads, providing a significant fiscal advantage.

Advanced Personalisation Techniques for Microsoft advertising: AI technology empowers Peke to offer a more customised advertising experience on Microsoft’s platforms. By applying AI, they can dynamically adjust ad content and design user-specific landing pages, offering a uniquely tailored experience to each user on Microsoft ads

Through these AI-enhanced strategies, Peke is not only keeping up with the evolving digital advertising on Microsoft, in Brisbane but also establishing new benchmarks with Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Advertising Agency - Our Process Process

Althrough each business and each campaign is vastly difference, here at Peke, we have our 101’s we follow for each and every client so we can guarantee, quality performance, and the highest possible ROI for the business’s that we partner with.

Frequently, we encounter Bing Ads accounts that were initially set up well but then fell by the wayside.

The success of a Bing advertising strategy, particularly for the Brisbane market, relies heavily on choosing the right keywords and continuously refining your approach. It’s essential to understand the specific search behaviors and preferences of the Brisbane audience. Working with a specialist in Microsoft Ads management in Brisbane grants access to expert insights, crucial for fine-tuning your keyword strategy. Remember, it’s the relevance and quality of your keywords, not just their quantity, that makes the real difference.

As a seasoned Microsoft Ads agency professional in Brisbane, I focus on identifying those impactful keywords that resonate most with your target audience. I also keep a close eye on their performance, discerning what works and what doesn’t.

Key Tip: It’s vital not to just set your keywords and forget them. Ongoing review and optimization are crucial for attracting the most relevant traffic to your campaign on Bing.

Why should your budget be wasted on ineffective or poorly performing areas?

Effective budget allocation is crucial for the success of any Microsoft Ads campaign. Teaming up with a PPC agency in Brisbane allows you to direct your budget towards ads that truly deliver results. Peke Media possesses the right tools to closely analyse your campaign’s performance on Bing and make budgetary recommendations that boost your ROI. For instance, if targeting ‘Microsoft Ads management Brisbane’ yields more positive results compared to other keywords, it might be wise to shift more resources to this focus area.

Critical Insight: Regularly reassess your spending strategy with a PPC Management Brisbane expert to ensure you’re maximising the impact of your investment in Bing advertising.

When a user clicks your ad on Bing, the subsequent steps are critical. The effectiveness of your landing page is paramount in converting that click into a successful action. Collaborating with a Microsoft Ads agency in Brisbane ensures that your landing pages are optimally designed to convert visitors into customers. This includes guaranteeing fast loading times, clear calls-to-action, and content that precisely matches the promises made in your ad.

Principal Insight: A landing page that is expertly optimised plays a key role in boosting your conversion rates. It’s beneficial to consult with a Microsoft Ads specialist to enhance your landing pages for superior performance on Bing.

Your Bing Ads strategy needs to evolve continuously to remain effective.

Partner with a progressive Microsoft Ads management agency in Brisbane, like Peke, to consistently review and improve your campaigns using cutting-edge methods. This process should include A/B testing of your ads, exploring new keyword opportunities, tweaking campaign settings, and implementing AI-based strategies.

Adopting a mindset of continual enhancement allows you to stay ahead of competitors and maximize the efficiency of your campaign on Bing. Remember, launching the campaign is just the start; it’s an ongoing journey towards achieving the best possible ROI.

Having a team that’s meticulous about fine-tuning the right keywords is crucial for elevating your PPC Management in Brisbane.

Knowledge, is powerful marketing

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Microsoft ads vs social media

Integrating Microsoft and Meta advertising can significantly enhance digital marketing campaigns. Ads on Meta platforms can increase brand visibility, which in turn can lead to more searches for the brand on Bing. A 10% increase in Meta ad spend might lead to approximately a 7% boost in brand search traffic on Bing. This highlights the advantages of a cohesive strategy across both platforms.

Meta’s Influence on Brand Search:
An increase in Meta activity or ad spend typically results in a rise in brand-specific searches on Bing.

A 10% increase in social media ad spend is linked to about a 7% increase in brand search traffic on Bing.

Combining Microsoft and Meta advertising campaigns can markedly boost brand search traffic and augment marketing efficacy:

  • Meta campaigns can elevate brand search traffic by about 25%.
  • Every 1,000 social media engagements typically lead to a 3.5% increase in brand search.
  • Videos with 1 million views on Meta can raise brand search by approximately 15%.

Microsoft’s precise remarketing capabilities can complement Meta campaigns, allowing for the creation of highly targeted ads aimed at users who have already expressed interest in similar products or services.

Utilising both platforms, you create additional touchpoints in the consumer’s buying journey, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

Sharing successful strategies and insights between Microsoft and Meta can lead to continuous refinement of campaigns. For example, if certain ad copy is effective on Meta, it might be adapted for Microsoft Ads to test its impact there.

Furthermore, leveraging search trends from Bing can inform and enhance Meta ad campaigns, ensuring that the content resonates with current user interests and behaviours.


Microsoft advertising Brisbane

Australian Bing Advertising is changing. Where a vast majority are online and many engage in online shopping, the key to attracting and directing this audience to your website lies in adept Microsoft Ads campaigns, especially through proficient PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management in Brisbane.

Microsoft crafts and curates ads based on three essential elements:

Keywords: The specific keywords that shoppers use in their search queries are crucial. These are the terms and phrases they enter into Bing when looking for products or services.

Campaign Relevance: The success of your campaign depends on how well your ads resonate with the keywords shoppers use. This relevance determines how likely your ad is to be shown by Microsoft in response to a search query.

User Interaction: After users click on your ad and land on your site, their interaction—how they navigate your site, the time they spend, the actions they take—is critical. Microsoft assesses this behaviour to gauge the quality and relevance of your landing pages to the keywords and ads.

Effective Bing ads management involves optimising these elements to ensure that your ads not only reach the right audience but also engage them in a way that leads to conversions.

Microsoft Ads is a potent digital marketing tool that positions your business in the spotlight at the exact moment potential customers are considering a purchase. Unlike traditional advertising methods like print, TV, or radio—which broadcast your message broadly with limited targeting—Microsoft Ads offers precise accuracy, connecting with consumers precisely when they’re most receptive.

The strength of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising Microsoft ads specifically, including tactics used by PPC Management in Brisbane, is in its adaptability over time. Utilising the data from your campaigns, you can refine and adjust your ads to better align with what your customers seek. Each click, including those that don’t lead to a sale, provides invaluable insights.

Microsoft Remarketing capitalises on this by targeting individuals who have visited your site but left without making a purchase. As they continue browsing the internet, your ads re-emerge, acting as subtle reminders of your brand and increasing the chances they’ll return to finalise a purchase on Microsoft ads.

For e-commerce businesses, Microsoft Ads management brisbane offers a specialised feature similar to Google Shopping Ads. These integrate with platforms like Microsoft Merchant Centre, allowing online retailers to showcase their products directly in search results with eye-catching images and pricing. Attractive due to their visual appeal and prominent positioning, these ads are highly effective at drawing clicks from your Microsoft Advertising from users actively searching for your products. 

If you’re aiming to enhance your online presence with search ads on Bing advertising (microsoft advertising), consider reaching out to Peke Media. A strategic session with Microsoft Ads Brisbane experts could be the pivotal step your business needs, assisting you in crafting a customised Microsoft Ads campaign that aligns with your unique objectives.

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Bing Ads FAQ's

Microsoft Display Ads, part of Microsoft Advertising, are a form of online advertising that incorporates a combination of text, images, and a URL that links to a website where a customer can learn more about or buy products. These ads appear across a variety of websites and digital mediums, including desktop and mobile devices.

The main features of Microsoft Display Ads include:

Visual Appeal: Unlike text-only ads, display ads are visually engaging, often featuring colorful graphics or images to capture the attention of viewers.

Targeted Reach: Advertisers can target their ads based on various factors like demographics, location, and browsing behavior. This ensures that the ads are shown to the most relevant audience.

Versatility: These ads can be used for various purposes, such as brand awareness, product promotion, or lead generation.

Measurement and Analytics: Advertisers have access to detailed analytics to measure the performance of their ads, allowing them to adjust their strategies for better results.

Integration with Microsoft’s Ecosystem: Since it’s a part of Microsoft’s advertising network, these ads have the potential to reach users across Microsoft’s various platforms and services, including Bing, MSN, and other partner websites.

Customization and Flexibility: Advertisers can customize their ads in terms of size, format, and content, making them suitable for different campaign goals and audience types.

Microsoft Display Ads are beneficial for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach a broader audience through visually appealing and strategically targeted advertising

The cost of Microsoft Ads in Australia, as with other regions, varies based on several factors, as it operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. The price for an ad depends on the demand for the keyword you choose. Popular keywords with high search volume tend to have higher starting bids. The cost-per-click (CPC) can range from just a few cents to several dollars, and this varies by industry as well. Click here to see how much Microsoft ads cost compared to Google ads

For Microsoft Ads management in Brisbane, the pricing structure can vary. Freelance professionals may offer their services at rates ranging from approximately AUD $60 to $150 per hour. On the other hand, agencies based in Brisbane might charge monthly fees between AUD $700 and $5,000, which depends on the range and depth of services provided. It’s essential to keep in mind that different strategies yield different outcomes, and it’s crucial to choose an agency or a professional whom you trust and who has a proven history of delivering effective results.

Microsoft Ads, with its unique audience and advertising features, can be particularly effective for certain types of businesses:

B2B (Business-to-Business) Companies: Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is often used in professional and corporate environments, making it an ideal platform for B2B companies targeting decision-makers and professionals.

Local Businesses: Local targeting features in Microsoft Ads can be highly beneficial for local businesses aiming to reach customers in their specific geographic area.

E-commerce Businesses: With a significant audience looking to make purchases, e-commerce businesses can leverage Microsoft Ads to drive sales and promote their products.

Service Providers: This includes sectors like home services, legal, education, and health services, which can target specific demographics and locations effectively.

Technology and Software Companies: Given Bing’s integration with Microsoft products and its popularity among tech-savvy users, companies in the technology and software industry can find a receptive audience.

Travel and Hospitality: These industries can benefit from the extensive targeting options and visual ad formats available on Microsoft Ads to attract travelers and tourists.

Financial Services: This includes banks, insurance companies, and financial advisors who can target an audience that is generally more mature and financially stable.

Automotive Industry: Dealerships and automotive services can use Microsoft Ads to reach customers actively researching vehicles or automotive services.

Each of these businesses can take advantage of Microsoft Ads’ specific features like demographic targeting, integration with LinkedIn (for B2B businesses), and the ability to reach an audience that might not be as heavily targeted as on other platforms like Google Ads. The key is to tailor the advertising strategy to align with the business goals and the unique characteristics of the Microsoft Ads audience.

There’s alot of difference in these platforms.


The main differences between Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) and Google Ads lie in their audience reach, platform specifics, and certain features:

Audience Reach and Demographics:

Google Ads: Google is the most widely used search engine globally, offering a larger audience reach. Its users are diverse, encompassing all age groups and demographics.
Microsoft Ads: While having a smaller reach, Microsoft Ads often target a more specific audience, including older and more affluent users, and is popular in professional settings due to its integration with Microsoft products.

Search Engine Integration:

Google Ads are displayed on Google Search results and its partner sites.
Microsoft Ads appear on Bing, Yahoo, and other partner sites, as well as across Microsoft’s network, including MSN and Cortana.

Cost and Competition:

Google Ads typically have higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates due to greater competition among advertisers.
Microsoft Ads often have lower CPC rates because of less competition, potentially offering a better return on investment for certain keywords.

Ad Formats and Features:

Both platforms offer similar ad formats, including search ads, display ads, and shopping ads, but there may be slight variations in the way these formats are presented and customized.
Microsoft Ads has unique features like LinkedIn Profile targeting, beneficial for B2B marketing.

Keyword Research and Traffic Volume:

Google Ads provides access to a larger volume of searches, which can be advantageous for extensive keyword research.
Microsoft Ads might show different performance for the same keywords, as user intent can vary across the different search engines.

Integration with Other Platforms:

Google Ads integrates well with other Google services like Google Analytics and YouTube.
Microsoft Ads offers unique integrations with Microsoft products, such as LinkedIn for enhanced B2B targeting.

User Interface and Experience:

Both platforms have their own user interfaces and tools for campaign management, with different learning curves and user experiences.

In summary, while both platforms follow the PPC model and share many similarities in ad formats and targeting options, they differ in their audience demographics, cost efficiency, platform integrations, and specific features that can be leveraged for different advertising strategies. The choice between them often depends on the specific goals, budget, and target audience of an advertising campaign.


Microsoft Ads agencies specialize in creating, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns on the Microsoft Ads platform (formerly Bing Ads). Their primary roles and services include:

Campaign Strategy Development: They develop comprehensive advertising strategies tailored to meet the specific goals of their clients. This involves understanding the client’s business, target audience, and marketing objectives.

Keyword Research and Selection: Agencies conduct thorough research to identify the most effective keywords that align with the target audience’s search behavior and the client’s products or services.

Ad Creation and Optimization: They design and create compelling ad copies and visuals. This also includes continuous optimization of ads based on performance data to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Targeting and Bidding Management: Microsoft Ads agencies manage the targeting settings and bid amounts for campaigns. They ensure that ads reach the right audience at the optimal cost.

Performance Analysis and Reporting: Agencies monitor campaign performance using various metrics, provide regular reports to clients, and make data-driven decisions to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Utilizing Platform-Specific Features: They leverage Microsoft Ads’ unique features like LinkedIn integration for B2B campaigns and other platform-specific tools and functionalities.

Landing Page Optimization: Some agencies also assist in optimizing landing pages to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates from the ads.

Budget Management: They help manage the advertising budget effectively to ensure a good return on investment (ROI).

Staying Up-to-Date with Trends and Updates: Agencies keep abreast of the latest trends, updates, and best practices in Microsoft Ads to provide the best possible service to their clients.

By hiring a Microsoft Ads agency, businesses can tap into specialized expertise to maximize the impact of their advertising efforts on Microsoft’s platforms, including Bing and other partner networks. These agencies are particularly beneficial for businesses that lack the time or internal resources to manage and optimize PPC campaigns effectively.

Yes, Microsoft ads (formerly Bing ads) work very well for certain industries and can significatly decrease your CPC and CPA when compared to google. 

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